Salt in salt farm ready for harvest, Thailand.

Salt Manufacturer in Thoothukudi

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A.S.R. Traders - Wholesaler of crystal salt, free flow iodized salt & common salt powder since 2005 in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu.

We are in the business of salt from the year 2005. One of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of Edible salt, Industrial salt and gypsum. All edible products are manufactured with graded high-quality raw material that make our products pure and safe for consumption.

Our Variety of salts

Refined Industrial Salt

Iodized Salt

Sea Salt

Crystal Salt

Super Fine Powder Salt

Table Powder Salt

Crushed Salt

Special Granulation Salt

Refined Coarse Salt

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Salt Manufacturer in Thoothukudi


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Best Salt Manufacturing Company in Thoothukudi
- Hemnath

Interesting Things About Salt


Halite is the mineral name for the substance that everyone knows as “salt.” Its chemical name is sodium chloride, and a rock composed primarily of halite is known as “rock salt.”


Sodium makes up 40 percent of salt. If a food label lists sodium instead of salt, multiply the answer by 2.5 for an accurate picture of the salt content.


it is also used in the manufacturing of thousands of other commodities including glass, paper, rubber, and textiles as well as in water softening systems for industry and domestic use.

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Always have a unique character like salt . Its presence is not felt but its absence makes everything tasteless

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